Here you will find the most common questions and answers for you to learn more about the SAFE Certification process provided by the USA High School Clay Target League. If you have a question that is not listed, visit our  Contact Us page and submit it to us. We’ll get back to you right away.

Technical Issues

What device can I use to complete this online course?

You can use any device, keeping in mind that some will work better than others depending upon your operating system and browser.  While this software will work on some mobile devices, we have found it to be more effective on computers or laptops.

Computer or Laptop Windows 8 and up Internet Explorer 10
Microsoft Edge (latest)
Firefox 23
Chrome 22
Opera 33
Safari 5.1
Mac Snow Leopard and up (Mac OS X 10.6) Internet Explorer 10
Microsoft Edge (latest)
Firefox 26
Chrome 22
Safari 5.1
Mobile Android 4.4 KitKat Chrome
iOS 10 Chrome

Is the SAFE certification available through my mobile device?

No.  At this point, we recommend using a laptop or computer only.  All testing, so far, indicates that the software is not compatible with many mobile devices.

The course froze.  What do I do now?

In order to get past this issue, you will need to clear the browsing history on your computer. Do you know how to do that? If not, here is an article that explains how to do it in the major browsers (Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer): http://www.wikihow.com/Delete-Browsing-History

I’ve completed the course, now what?

Within a couple hours, you will receive an email containing instructions on printing your certificate.  If you do not see it, please check your spam or junk folder.  Contact your head coach to schedule your Range Day to complete the field portion of your SAFE certification.

I can’t find my certificate.  How can I get another copy?

Log into your account.  Click on START COURSE and then VIEW CERTIFICATE.  You can then download or print your certificate.

My parent’s name is showing on my certificate.  How do I fix this?

Log into your account.  Select REGISTER and then go to Account Details.  Replace your parent’s name with your name in the Student’s Name fields.  Reprint your certificate.

Students and Parents

Who is eligible to take the SAFE certification?

Any student athlete interested in joining a team roster within your state league.  Completion of SAFE Certification does not guarantee participation on a team.  Contact the head coach of the team that you wish to join before registering for SAFE.

Am I required to take the SAFE certification to join the league?

No, you must either successfully complete the SAFE certification OR have a valid state issued hunter education certificate to participate in the league.  Both options are considered league approved training.

How much time will it take to complete the SAFE certification process?

The average time of the online portion is 3-4 hours not including the range day.  The typical range day will take 1-2 hours to complete depending on class size and resources.

How much does it cost to take the SAFE certification?

A fee of $25 is collected prior to starting the certification process.  This fee is non-refundable once you have started the course.

Do I need to use a separate email address for each person participating in the course?

Yes, each participant requires a unique email address in order to create an account and receive a SAFE online completion certificate.

Will the SAFE certificate be accepted to purchase a hunting license?

No, the SAFE certification is only valid for participation in your state league.  To purchase a hunting license, you will need to complete the state issued hunter education program.

Can I purchase a shotgun with a SAFE certificate?

No, federal law states you must be 18 years of age and pass a background check to be able to purchase a shotgun.

What should I do with my SAFE certificate upon completion?

Once you have successfully passed the certification, you will need to bring your certificate with you to your range day showing your instructor that you have completed the online course.  Fill in the date that you completed the range day.

What do I do upon completion of the range day?

Once your instructor has verified that you successfully completed the required range day, you MUST update your SAFE Range Day Completion Date in your profile in the League’s Athlete Management System (AMS). This must be updated prior to the start of Reserve Week in order to participate in the season.

Will all shooting ranges accept the SAFE certificate to be eligible to shoot?

It is up to each individual range to decide what the requirements are to participate at their range.  Check with the range manager if you have questions.

Will the range day be held at my local shooting range?

Check with your Head Coach for details regarding the range day.

When will I receive my certification card?

You will not receive a certification card for completing the SAFE certification, instead you will have a certificate as your proof of completing the course.

How will others know I completed the SAFE certification? 

Upon successful completion of the range day, you receive a patch that can be applied to your team jersey or vest. Patches are mailed in April and October annually.  Your patch will be shipped at the next available mailing date.

Can other students in my family take the SAFE certification using my login?

No.  Each student in the home will need to register individually with a unique email address.

What will I learn from the SAFE certification?

A LOT!  The SAFE certification is loaded with league specific content that will educate you on everything from firearm safety to True Team ® competition.  It is in this certification that you will learn the leagues motto of Safety, Fun, and Marksmanship!

When must I have the SAFE certification completed?

Student athletes will need to have both the online and range day components completed prior to the start of the reserve week. This information must also be updated in AMS by you or your parent prior to the start of the reserve week in order to compete in the upcoming season.
Where do I go to register for the SAFE certification?

Students athletes looking to register for the SAFE certification can do so by going to usaclaytargetsafe.com.

Do I have to take the SAFE certification each season?

No, once you have completed the training, you are eligible to participate in the league indefinitely.

Is the SAFE certification fee paid for through my league registration fee?

No, student athletes that register for the SAFE certification will be required to pay the fee prior to starting the online program.

Can I still join a team if I have successfully completed the online certification but am unable to attend my teams range day?

No, Policies and Procedures require all student athletes to complete either the SAFE certification including range day or provide a state issued hunter education certificate within their registration data.


Does my school require me to take the SAFE certification?

Most schools do not ask for your firearm certifications, but if they do it will be up to the school to decide what certifications they accept.

Does my school offer the SAFE certification online?

The SAFE certification can be taken online from any computer or laptop, but you should always check with your school regarding their policies of use of school computers.

Is the range day conducted by a school official?

Teams that decide to have a school official become certified to conduct a range day may do so, but it is not required to have a school official conduct the range day.


Can any coach certify any student athlete on range day?

No, a coach certified through the League’s CLASS Certification must conduct the range day and verify that athletes have already completed the SAFE online certification.

Can I attend a range day conducted by another team’s coach?

No, athletes on a team’s roster must have their SAFE certification verified by the team’s certified CLASS instructor.

How will I know who my teams certified CLASS instructor will be?

Check with your Head Coach to find out information pertaining to certified CLASS instructors.