SAFE Certification

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Easy Steps To Earn Your SAFE Certificate:

  1. Register* – One time course fee is only $25.
  2. Complete – The online lessons and final exam.
  3. Receive – Email confirmation of completion and certificate.
  4. Schedule – Complete your Range Day with a CLASS-Certified Coach.
  5. Enter – Your Online and Range Day completion dates in your profile in the League’s Athlete Management System (AMS).
  6. Display – Your SAFE-Certified Coach patch by ironing it to your gear when you receive it.

* Each registration requires a separate account with a unique email address in order to obtain a completion certificate. Families with multiple student athletes will require multiple email addresses.

* At the end of each lesson, click the “complete” button in the lower right of the video, then, when the “next lesson” link appears in the upper right, above the video, click that to move on to the next lesson.


Final Exam

Length: 0 minutes

Lesson 1 – League Overview Everyone! To maintain a safe and fun environment at the shooting range everyone must practice safe firearm handling skills regardless if they are on a…